Regional Powerhouse

Founded in Shreveport, LA in 1930, we have grown to serve a four-state area from 24 customer service locations and three fully modernized cylinder filling plants. Our customers find that we have more locally available resources to meet their needs than our multi-national corporate competitors.

Committed to Independence

Red Ball Oxygen has been under the continuous ownership of the Kennedy family since 1969. We are currently in our third generation as a family-owned account. In this unprecedented environment of rapid industry consolidation, you can rest assured, our people and our unique customer relationships are not for sale.

Financially Strong

We have grown by re-investing earnings, not by accruing debt. Our cash-positive position ensures that we will be here to serve you for the long-term, through both good and bad economic conditions. We have the financial strength to make significant investments in our customer partnerships.

Open Books, Profit Sharing Company

All of us are in it together. Every employee is a stakeholder, and we all share in the profits of our company. Maybe this is why our employees are willing to go the extra mile, and to respond to customer requirements with such urgency.

Technologically Advanced

With 15 AWS Certified welding professionals, we are trained to help you implement the very latest welding and metal fabrication technologies. Internally, we relentlessly apply information and process technology to deliver your products more quickly, more reliably, and more cost effectively.

Committed to Quality

We hold two ISO accreditations. Our measurable commitment to The Perfect Order ensures that we get things right the first time, every time.

Current ISO 17025:2017 L20-414: Calibration of Specialty Gases

Current ISO 17025:2017 L20-415: Testing of Specialty Gases

Current ISO 17034:2016: Gas Mixture Reference Materials and Certified Reference Materials

Current ISO 9001:2015