Advanced Pipe & Vessel Fabrication Open House

By Joel Armstrong

At Red Ball Oxygen, we take immense pride in being a one-stop solution for all our customer needs, from soapstone sales to advanced engineering consultation. As a part of this effort, Red Ball Oxygen’s Engineering Team hosted an Advanced Pipe & Vessel Fabrication Open House in March 2020. The event highlighted the sophisticated fabrication processes and best practices for pipe and vessel production.  Attendees were able to see and test the following pieces of equipment in action.

CNC Plasma & Oxyfuel pipe profiler and cutter.  This high-accuracy pipe cutting machine comes fully equipped with pipe supports, CAD-CAM interface and the ability to make 3-Dimensional ready to weld cuts in a fraction of time.

Novarc Spool Welding Robot (SWR) 

 The world’s first collaborative robot that welds 4” – 60” pipe and vessels root to cap in record time.  The operator performs the welding with a pendant while he watches a video console to monitor the weld. Imagine being able to make a 6” Sch 80 weld in 15 min or less.


Multi-wire subarc welding that utilizes one power source and three 3/32” wires to deposit 40+ lbs/hr.  Ideal for those thick wall vessels.  Because of the increased deposition rate, you can increase travel speed and maintain or decrease your heat input. Their High Deposition Root™ technology enables the use of tandem welding in root passes for improved penetration and high productivity, eliminating the need for back gouging



Advanced root welding processes with Fronius LSC, Miller RMD, and TipTig SemiAutomatic GTAW.  Using modified short arc processes allow for better control, greater arc stability, minimal spatter, and improved quality.


Ensitech’s TIG Brush

 An environmentally safe electro-chemical method for cleaning and passivating stainless steel. Their low-toxicity fluids are custom-designed to maximize user safety and protect the environment.

Other items on display were a Koike Shop Pro with a Hypertherm Powermax 125, Wire Wizard’s bulk drum delivery system, Pulsa’s weight scales for remote monitoring of wire, and Fronius’ Accupocket and Transpocket portable welding systems.

Over the three-day open house, Red Ball Oxygen hosted companies from 4 different states, with over 50 attendees.  Many of these technologies reside full time in the Red Ball Oxygen Welding Lab.  If you’re interested in seeing any of these, please contact us to schedule your tour.

Posted on 04-27-2020

Joel Armstrong

Sales Engineer at Red Ball Oxygen Co. Inc.

Joel Armstrong is a Senior Certified Welding Inspector and has been in the welding industry since 1998. He can be contacted on LinkedIn.