Deeper partnerships are needed to tackle skilled labor shortages

By Bob Ewing

When we ask metal fabricators and manufacturers what their biggest challenges are, the lack of skilled CNC machinists and welders comes up again and again. If you find yourself nodding your head, and wondering what can be done about it, this intriguing infographic from Tooling U SME’s 2018 workforce study will get your brainstorming juices flowing. The skills gap is real, and getting worse, but manufacturers are not helpless in the face of labor shortages. In addition to shoring up our internal assessment and skills development programs, we can develop deeper partnerships with training providers in our local communities. Internships, support of community colleges, direct financial contributions to manufacturing workforce programs, participation on local workforce development boards, and (crucially) early involvement with K-12 students, are all ways that we can make an impact.

Did you know that Red Ball can train and certify welders?

We’re also involved with many local training providers. Please contact us if you’d like to have a deeper conversation about how we can help you address this critical issue.         

Posted on 03-05-2019

Bob Ewing

President of Red Ball Oxygen Co. Inc.

Bob Ewing has been in the welding supplies industry for the last 25 years and serves on the board of several welding organizations. He can be contacted on LinkedIn.