Bulk Gas Systems

We are a full spectrum provider of bulk gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Our cryogenic technicians can provide turn-key installations along with on-going maintenance and repair.

Automated Gas Delivery Systems

Our automated gas delivery systems reduce cylinder handling while improving reliability and safety. Your industrial gases should operate like any other utility. Utilizing manifolds and remote telemetry, we can ensure you never run out of gas again. Let us show you how!

Hydrocarbon Standards

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited lab is a reliable supplier of NIST traceable hydrocarbon standards. We use the highest quality source materials, detecting and quantifying all minor components. Piston (constant pressure) cylinders are also available.

Ultra High Purity Gases

Our UHP grade gases are available in a variety of packages from small cylinders to bulk. Certified in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited laboratory, you can be assured that your gas meets the highest quality standards.

Cylinder Tracking

Our fully barcoded cylinder fleet is tracked throughout our supply chain with handheld scanners. This ensures that your cylinder balances remain accurate and that you are credited for each and every return. Our online tools help you reduce unneeded cylinder inventory.

Hydrogen Tube Trailers

We have a fleet of hydrogen tube trailers and our own liquid hydrogen trans-fill facility. With Red Ball you can rest assured that you have a reliable, responsive bulk hydrogen supplier. We can respond to your hydrogen requirements within hours throughout our operating geography.

Safety Services

Safety is a team effort. In order to supplement your safety program, we are able to provide on-site safety training (Cylinder Handling, Industrial Gas Safety, Oxy-Fuel Safety), fire extinguisher inspection, and eye wash and first aid station replenishment.