Portable Calibration Gases

Lightning Cal™ cylinders are Red Ball Oxygen's line of portable and eco-friendly calibration gas cylinders. Lightning Cal™ offers high-quality gas mixtures and portable cylinders manufactured for high accuracy, checked by rigorous quality control processes, and made ready for your every need. Our outstanding products and service aim to help you increase your productivity.

All our Lightning Cal™ cylinders are manufactured in our own ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Specialty Gas Laboratory in Shreveport, LA. Our lab has been an industry leader in providing our customers with the highest quality pure, mixed, and custom blended gases.

  • Cylinders are aluminium based and lightweight
  • Cylinders are compact than your regular calibration gas cylinders
  • Due to its light weight design, these cylinders can be practically shipped anywhere
  • Extremely competitive lead times
  • 24x7 Electronic access to Certificate of Analysis

The part number formulation is determined by cylinder size,component of interest, and gas concentration. The part number formulation is size-suffix-concentration.


  • PN 58L-21A-5 is a 58 Liter cylinder containing 5 PPM Methane Bal Air
  • PN 116L-27-10 is a 116 Liter cylinder containing 10% Oxygen Bal N2
  • PN 116L-1 is a 116 Liter cylinder containing UHP Argon.
Suffix Concentration Gas
1 100.00% Argon*
2 100.00% Carbon Dioxide*
3 100.00% Helium*
4 100.00% Hydrogen*
5 100.00% Nitrogen*
6 100.00% Methane*
7 x= PPM Ammonia/Air
8 x= PPM Ammonia/N2
9A x= PPM Benzene/Air
9N x= PPM Benzene/N2
10A x= PPM Butane/Air
10N x= PPM Butane/N2
11A x=% Butane/Air
11N x=% Butane/N2
12A x= PPM Carbon Dioxide/Air
12N x= PPM Carbon Dioxide/N2
13A x=% Carbon Dioxide/Air
13N x=% Carbon Dioxide/N2
14A x= PPM Carbon Monoxide/Air
14N x= PPM Carbon Monoxide/N2
15A x=% Carbon Monoxide/Air
15N x=% Carbon Monoxide/N2
16 x= PPM Ethane/N2
17 x=% Ethane/N2
18A x= PPM Ethylene/Air
18N x= PPM Ethylene/N2
19A x=% Ethylene/Air
19N x=% Ethylene/N2
20N x= PPM Hydrogen Sulfide/N2
20M x= PPM Hydrogen Sulfide/Methane
21A x= PPM Methane/Air
21N x= PPM Methane/N2
22A x=% Methane/Air
22N x=% Methane/N2
23 x= PPM Nitric Oxide/N2
24A x= PPM Nitrogen Dioxide/Air
24N x= PPM Nitrogen Dioxide/N2
25 x= PPM Nitrous Oxide/N2
26 x= PPM Oxygen/N2
27 x=% Oxygen/N2
28 20.90% Oxygen/N2 (Zero Air)
29 x= PPM Pentane/N2
30 x=% Pentane/N2
31A x= PPM Propane/ Air
31N x = % Propane/N2
32A x = % Propane/Air
32N x = PPM Propane/N2
33 x = PPM Sulfur Dioxide/N2
34 x = PPM Toluene/Air
35 x = PPM Toluene/N2

* Pure Gases

Other blends available on request

The part number is formulated by using the cylinder size followed by the suffix.


  • PN 58L-104 is a 58 Liter cylinder containing 25 PPM
  • H2S 0.35% Pentane 10% 02 Bal N2
Suffix Blend
100 100 PPM CO 25 PPM H2S 2.5% CH4 18% 02 BAL N2
101 LO0PPM CO 25PPM H2S 2.5% CH4 19% 02 BAL N2
102 2% H2 (50% LEL) BALANCE AIR
103 2.5% METHANE (50% LEL) BAL AIR
104 25PPM H2S 0.35% PENTANE 10% 02 BAL N2
105 50 PPM CO 10 PPM H2S 2.5% CH4 18% 02 BAL N2
106 50 PPM CO 25 PPM H2S 2.5% CH4 12% 02 BAL N2
108 S0PPM CO 2.5% CH4(50%LEL) 12% 02 BAL N2
109 6% PROPANE(29% LEL) BAL N2
110 60 PPM CO 1.45% PENTANE 20 PPM H2S 15% 02 BAL N2
111 1% CO2 20% 02 BAL N2

Other blends available on request