Specialty Gas Equipment

Red Ball Technical Gas Services offers a full line of gas handling equipment.

  • Telemetry : Smartview and Pressure
  • Cylinders
    • Single Cavity Sample Cylinders
    • Low Pressure Cylinders w/ Dual Port Valves & Diptubes
    • Heated/Insulated Cylinder Blankets
    • Regulator Repair Service

Cylinder Gases

We offer a variety of cylinder gases in all sizes including but not limited to: Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, CO2, Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide

We offer cylinders in multi-pack configurations including:process racks, 6 packs, 16 packs.

We also offer cryogenic liquid dewars for a variety of applications in all sizes.

Calibration Standards

  • EPA Protocol Gases
  • Certified Gases
  • LPG Standards
    • Cylinder with Dip Tubes (Pressure Pad)
    • Piston (Constant Pressure)
  • Gas Standards
    • HRVOC
    • Natural Gas (GPA and ASTM)
    • Complex Hydrocarbon Mixtures
  • Liquid Standards
    • Ampoules
    • Bottles
    • Cylinders
  • Stream Ampoulization

Bulk Gases

Red Ball Oxygen can provide cryogenic bulk storage tanks for liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Argon. We also provide tube trailers and ground storage tubes for Hydrogen and Nitrogen that are sized for your application. We have bulk solutions for propane and a variety of other fuel gases.

Installing an automated gas delivery system will provide many benefits for your business processes including:

  • Uninterrupted flow to all point of use locations
  • Eliminates cylinder change out (reduced labor costs)
  • Increased safety
  • Reduces gas costs (reduces lost product/gas loss)

Advanced Cylinder Tracking

Red Ball TGS/ISGAS utilizes the most advanced barcoded cylinder tracking system available today to ensure accurate cylinder balances on all of our cylinders.

The benefits of our cylinder tracking systems include:

  • 24x7 Electronic access to Certificate of Analysis on specialty gases
  • Accurate cylinder balances across multiple departments and locations
  • Reduced excess stock & cylinder loss
  • Guaranteed accurate return credits

Committed to Quality

We operate two specialty gas manufacturing facilities. An ISO 17025 Accredited Specialty Gas Laboratory in Shreveport, LA and a Hydrocrabon Specialty Gas Laboratory in Houston, TX. Red Ball TGS offers a complete turn-key solution to all of your gas requirements: including production, certification, delivery, and inventory management.